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imasD Click ARM, in search of the clonal tablet that you can customize

The imasD Spanish company wants to get the concept of PC clone in which each choose the components you want to on your computer and later has the ability to improve it or change some components, the tablet world. Your project Click ARM, which has an investment of 2 million euros, is already underway. The company will sell the modules and provide support/drivers, but it's an open platform.

This modular tablet consists of a base plate matrix which is you can add, remove or change other elements (standard components), such as the RAM memory, storage, modules of communication, sensors and cameras. You can also choose 10.1 screen resolution inches and the processor. Samsung, which brings its Exynos range of processors and panels takes care of these two components, together with the RAM,.

As operating system, in this Click ARM you can install from Android to Tizen to Ubuntu Linux. Series will come with Android in its latest version available and access to Google Play.

All “ made in Spain ”

An aspect which have stood since imasD is that you it's a Spanish product. In our country is manufactured, including housing, aluminum and plastic, and Italian design. By now it will be standard, but the long term goal is to also be an item that the buyer can customize.

In the design striking back, with capacitive technology to perform different actions such as zoom.

This tablet, which will begin to be manufactured until may 2014, it can already be booked and its price depends on the settings we choose.

Their potential customers are especially stores of computer science, which can offer the tablets to the letter and that they claim to want to support this transition to the tablet, as well as professional customers requiring specifications concrete, especially in the industrial field, but at the level of consumption does not seem to be a project with long travel. In its first year, their forecasts are to sell 150,000 tablets.

Further info | ClicARM.